• 'Personalised' Wooden Sign

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    The perfect touch to any home!  These signs are so simple yet so affective and now I have opened them up for you to personalise.  I have made name signs for nursery walls, signs with colourful words for playrooms and signs that express things that only the family that bought them would understand.  This is a fantastic way of bringing something very personal into your home.

    Everyone should have a one!

    The standard sign measures 485mm length x 100mm wide x 6mm deep + 4mm letters and our 

    extra long sign measures 600mm length x 100mm wide x 6mm deep + 4mm letters.

    We use Farrow & Ball original paints only for these signs which have a slight distressed feel.  Please note - depending on the wording you require we will choose the letter size to suit it best.  We use 3 sizes 23mm, 33mm and 55mm.