• Natural Pine Christmas Eve Box

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    Please specify the name, names or family name that you would like on your box and include any apostrophes required. The letter size used will depend on the amount of characters.

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    So here is our Christmas eve box for 2018 which can be used year after year!

    It is very similar to last years version but not only has the box increased in size, so have the motifs.  They are all the same little characters just larger than life.  So we still have the Elf, Gingerbread Man, Christmas Pudding, Christmas Tree & Reindeer to choose from.

    What you can put into this box is entirely up to you but here are a few suggestions that help to create special Christmas Eve memories - a Christmas DVD, a soft toy, hot chocolate & marshmallows, a Christmas mug, Christmas craft sets, a Christmas book to read before bed, reindeer food, slipper socks, the obligatory Christmas pyjamas or a Christmas tree decoration ...

    These aren't just for the kids.  My parents get just as excited when we bring out 'Nan & Grandad's' Christmas eve box.  This one is filled with some slightly different bits and pieces such as wine, socks, Christmas pyjamas, cheese & crackers and some deluxe choccies.

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    Here is a link to our colour swatch but if you would like the painted version click here

    Please note this price is for the box only. The boxes are made from pine with a ply base. The boxes measure 40cm W x 30cm L x 14cm H. Jingle bells may vary slightly from the photograph. Contents are NOT included. When adding the name/s to your box we will determine whether the large or small letters should be used.