• Large Letter, Number or Symbol - Black Silhouette

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    Who doesn't love a big letter, number or symbol propped up on a shelf, sideboard or attached to the wall!

    They make the perfect gift for yourself or that friend moving into a new home.

    The width sizes do vary dependent on the letter.  Approx 39cm high x 6mm deep.

    & - 36cm wide, B 38cm wide, R 41cm wide, S 29cm wide etc.

    Please note that we offer options for a full letter and a flat base. If you would like your letter or number to stand freely we advise the flat base option. A small slither is taken from the bottom. If you are attaching to a wall then go for the full option.

    Painted in Farrow & Ball Pitch Black as standard.

    I use 3M Command strips for hanging signs and smaller items to our walls as they are removable. However, this is not an ad and I do not work in conjuntion with 3M so I cannot take any responsibility for their use. Pleae follow 3M's product instructions when applying.

    *** Free shipping to the UK only. For overseas message for a shipping cost ***