• Emoji Wooden Sign

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    These signs are so simple yet effective from thoughtful words to funny statements they can have a whole host of meanings!

    Included in the above price is 14 characters which includes 2 emojis.  Click the box for the required amount of emojis as further emojis are chargeable. 

    If you are not using a mobile device with the emoji keypad please either copy and paste your emoji or use a relevant letter e.g. H for heart or B for bear and send me a confirmation of the emojis required by clicking here EMOJIS REQUIRED 

    I will then email you back to confirm before starting your order.

    Please note that all new emojis will have to be drawn, cut and painted so the order time on these signs is longer than a standard sign.  We are currently quoting 21 days production plus delivery for all stocked emoji's it is the usual 10 - 14 days (💪🐻❤️ - STOCKED)

    Once we have a stock of standard emojis built into our system this lead time will then reduce.  As you can imagine there are thousands 😀👍🌈☂️🍉

    The sign measures 485mm length x 100mm wide x 6mm deep + 4mm letters.  We use Farrow & Ball original paints only for the base of these signs and then acrylic paints are used to paint your emojis.  Please note - depending on the wording you require we will choose the letter size to suit it best.  We use 3 sizes 23mm, 33mm and 55mm.