So do I carry on or do I stop ... I’ve decided to take every day as it comes and at the moment I’m OPEN.


your order may be ready to dispatch in less time but I need to be realistic. Supplies in to myself are also delayed.

I will NOT be leaving the house. Whilst the courier company deem it safe to collect my parcels I’ll keep going but if they can’t for any reason I will obviously close. I am keeping up to date with the couriers latest information and will do all that they ask me to do.

I will however be limiting the collections to once a week as I don’t think more than that is necessary and again will assess this depending on incoming orders. Our local courier has agreed to call and collect parcels every FRIDAY.

I really do appreciate that you are still ordering. Those pings mean so much!

Happy to help, send links, add gifts tags etc.

I am also cleaning down my work surfaces, wearing a mask and hand washing constantly whilst working. Just so you know.

Love Kerry x